An Introduction to my Blog

A Favorite Thing

This original Pontiac sign is one I enjoy as an auto enthusiast. I like it a lot, however, it’s just a sign and I’m it’s caretaker for now. My story is not unique. There was no magic moment or miraculous event that brought me to the place I no longer search for joy. God thought enough to rescue me from myself and I enjoy sharing, not only how this occurred, but how I am enabled to cease returning to the search. If your joy subsides after the trip ends, when the shine is off the new car or when you complete redecorating a room, I get it. I get it because I love the adrenaline of the pursuit, the acquisition of the next thing and the euphoria of my next business deal. In the spirit of transparency, I’m now mostly retired and most pursuits lie outside of business.


I know things about freedoms from fear, worry and anxiety. We weren’t designed to be like that, just like we weren’t designed to go through our lives bumping off each other either. I know things about transcendent peace and the pursuit of happiness. The ephemeral pleasures our world tempts us with will never satisfy the soul. I can be a selfish man and admit not being selfish is a full time job for me. Ironically, it was this trait that put me in pursuit of joy that doesn’t ends. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it, but I pretty much enjoy everything I do.

The first page of my blog is the latest one written. My main menu evolves and currently allows a choice of some favorites. The other menus are currently under construction and will be titled ‘Older Faith’ and ‘Political’. I have no motives other than to share paths I found successful to everlasting joy, in pleasant circumstances or challenging ones. Thanks for looking. Steve

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