Is God Obsolete?

Continued from previous Eternity blog……… Buying into a worldview that no longer gives importance to the idea of a heaven or hell results in complacency in faith. Here lies the enemy’s biggest trap. Apathy. Apathy or complacency in faith serves the enemy better than any tool, just like apathy in who runs your government serves government leaders instead of them serving you. Complacency in your job will allow someone else to get your job or the next promotion. It allows your business competitor to win. Complacency in a romantic relationship allows someone else to get the girl or the girl wanders off for lack of attention. Complacency in anything results in getting less than can be had, plain and simple.

Younger generations, especially, been made susceptible to worldviews that all faiths are equal or worse, irrelevant. “We churchgoers” pick them out like our clothing and select one that fits and looks best. If all faiths are equal, why embrace any of them? They are not all equal. Was it blind luck the strongest and most successful country that has ever existed anywhere, at anytime, was laid on the foundation of Christianity? This is not a political statement, it is a fact. To believe none of this is important is to believe history is also irrelevant and has no effect on you. It has everything to do with you just like current generations decisions will impact and effect future generations.

For over two hundred years all schools were Christian schools and 106 of the first 108 colleges in our country were founded on the Christian faith.* Were our founding fathers and their decisions that formed America, its government and its nearly extinct Christian based educational system wrong? The moral decay, mass shootings, opioid crises, dysfunctional government and much more speak otherwise. Our world is rapidly changing, but God is still who He claims to be. Even better, He does all He promises. Check Him out. *Red Sky in the Morning by Bill Bright

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