What Does Worship Mean?

There is much diversity in worship styles, but at the heart of worship should lay an expectation of God’s presence. The power of song and music as we lift our hearts, voices or hands to God is one of the most powerful tools given us to experience His presence and feel His pleasure. His commandments to call out to Him, to rejoice in His name and to make a joyful noise confirm His delight in our doing so. Direct your worship to God and not each other. Losing your pride of what others think, while not being a distraction to others is important in a successful worship experience while allowing others to do the same.

Worshipping, as a body, exhibits our unity under His authority and like prayer, can release you from the bondage of wrong feelings and unhealthy attitudes. I have personally been rescued from judgmental feelings or anger issues smack in the middle of a praise song and the freedom of release is in a word, exhilarating. Sin issues are often laid open to us within a worship service and when God shows up there is no hiding what’s in your heart. God speaks to us as He chooses, but sometimes more so when we send invitations in our praise corporately.

Worship is also an attitude. Aside from a structured worship environment listening to spirit filled music in my car helps me maintain a heart towards God as I approach my next appointment or task. Being caught up in a recording artists heart felt rendering to my Creator is inspiring and takes the edge off challenging days. My daughter and I enjoyed contemporary Christian songs each morning as I drove her to high school in years past. This got our day off to a positive start and built some great memories. My driving habits have even been positively influenced by this and they needed some influencing! Thanks for reading and I always appreciate new followers and comments.

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2 thoughts on “What Does Worship Mean?

  1. This is so good, Steve. Another instance of the whole “heart” thing. If your heart is right before the Lord, you’ll eventually find your way into the “right” expression of worship. But if your heart is out of joint, no matter what the externals, your worship is only going to be of the white-washed tombs and dead men’s bones variety. Whatever is in the heart will work its way to the surface at some point, but surfacy things don’t always indicate what’s really in the heart. One of the beautiful Christian paradoxes again.


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