Truth or Glare #2

Continuation of Truth or Glare…..So, what parts of the Bible should we take seriously? What does God say about our stay in this world and about our human condition? It is important to separate religion from our relationship with God in a sense some replace, delete or simply ignore much of His written word. God gave us His inerrant word as only God could, in His way and in His perfect time. Only God could have set in motion the exact moments Mary would be with a child and how Jesus’ short stay would forever change the world. I’m talking about life everlasting and the creator of the universe here, not what men have decided is best for you.

To believe Scripture was not given us divinely or holding to a tired and age old idea that His instructions for our lives were diluted through translation errors gives little credit to “I am”. Picking and choosing which parts of the Bible to hold to and which parts to ignore confirms belief in being your own god and having the ability to fix yourself, and that we, without His help or influence in our life, are able to render the guilt or shame we have from wrong choices, past mistakes or possibly from addictions we can’t seem to make go away.

God, in His Grace and Mercy gave us a solution, an answer to our human condition in the form of His crucified and resurrected son as only a perfect and loving God could. Holding to a belief He would be any less perfect of what He breathed through chosen men and what He has protected for over two thousand years demeans the only One that can grant you the freedom, peace and joy that is unobtainable any other way. God is a god of love in every imaginable and unimaginable way and can not wait to show you. To be continued………..


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