Fear and Worry (Cheap Grace #2)

A Happy Place

THE STORY (The New Testament, not the current popular book) gives understanding of God’s desire to rescue His creation from the enslavements of sin, ones that bind us to jealousies, fears, worries, hates and addictions, to name a few. He chose a way for any man (and woman) to achieve the seemingly impossible goal of atonement. We all need to be made right and made whole as we comb through the mistakes and bad choices of our life. Everyone feels this regardless of beliefs. It is built in because God put it there as our conscious and our conscious should never be underrated. There are so many ways to go with this thought, but the only way that satisfies our soul is the one God gave us in Christ. To deny His gift of salvation and redemption denies the freedom from sin and the completeness He offers.

Arguments against God’s nature usually begin with; “If He really cared He would or would not allow………” which devalues His sovereignty. We aren’t privy to all God knows. Men do wrong and terrible things because we have a sin nature that can only be defeated by God’s selfless sacrifice of His Son. When we embrace the ways of Christ so clearly given in Scripture we can not resist the call to help others. It doesn’t become important, it becomes life giving. Disasters, natural or otherwise, are hard to fathom, especially if you’re in one. We aren’t supposed to know all God knows or understand why He allows them or if He engineered them. I’m often given answers to why I experience personal challenges or health issues when I CHOOSE to live in accordance to His will. Sometimes it is a while and sometimes not at all, but mostly it happens.

‘True wisdom is a very real sense of what to do, how to do it, and to know WHY it must be done. It is much more than common sense. Knowledge alone is not enough. It is discernment that cannot come by one’s own resources. It is from God and from God alone.’* Submitting to His authority is not a passive act and allowing Him to lead is not always easy. THE BIG QUESTION IS: Am I at peace with myself (where I am, who I am and where I am going) all of the time? Am I willing to investigate the very real love of Christ and do what it takes in order to be so? To be continued………

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*from the introduction of Connect 360 – Solomon, No ordinary Kind of Wisdom – Baptistway Study Guide.

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