Seeing Is Not Believing

Photo by Marc Thunis on Unsplash

Seeing is never believing: we interpret what we see in the light of what we believe. Faith is confidence in God before you see God emerging; therefore the nature of faith is that it must be tried.”

When I read this excerpt from Oswald Chambers, He Shall Glorify Me, it was an epiphany. Who else ever said that? We’ve all heard or just know we interpret what we hear by what we believe, but do our eyes fail us if we ‘see’ without belief in a single, loving, omnipotent God who will ultimately judge us? Is our vision altered if we choose atheism or agnosticism?

The answer to this is in Chambers next sentence. Faith is confidence in God before we see Him emerging. ‘Looking’ at a friends situation that requires a change in housing seemed desperate. I saw it through the eyes of my abilities, my location, my available funds to assist and the time it would take to research potential sites. It wasn’t until I ‘saw with confidence in God’, before He actually did anything, that I knew what to do. My whole perception changed. This episode is in play and unfinished, but my prayers and petition for direction quickly opened doors.

When you ‘look’ at someone or something remember Oswald’s last few words from this excerpt; ‘the nature of faith is that it must be tried’. Have you tried it or are you going to wait until there seem to be no options?

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