What Laws Should Be Allowed To Be Broken?

Avoiding a definitive atheistic position versus taking a real position of any kind is common today. It fits the “whatever, whenever” times and avoids the possibility “His wrath” would ever walk your way. Maybe God will let you go un-noticed, but this also implies God may also allow you to go un-protected. Having his protection … Continue reading What Laws Should Be Allowed To Be Broken?

Are Women Less Valuable?

A continuation of previous blog....................Remaining with the subject of women and the Bible an action by Luke immediately following Jesus outline of the formation of the church, church goals and the promise of the coming Holy Spirit is noteworthy: “When they arrived, they went upstairs to the room where they were staying. Those present were … Continue reading Are Women Less Valuable?

Is Genesis Relevant Today?

One argument commonly given over to Genesis is why God would allow an “imperfection” within His creation. Why would this be considered an imperfection? We all have a nose and because we smell unpleasant odors, is our nose imperfect because it doesn’t automatically filter these out? My case is you can easily go out of … Continue reading Is Genesis Relevant Today?

Was God Created by Man as Bill Maher Contends?

One thought to consider on this remarkable man’s claim (see previous post) came to me watching a Bill Maher “documentary”. Unlike many conservatives I keep up with the latest liberal media positions to consider their merits and reasonings in order to challenge and test my own held beliefs. In Bill Maher’s atheistic zeal to uproot … Continue reading Was God Created by Man as Bill Maher Contends?