Month: March 2019

Truth or Glare #3

There is a holiness God enables us to reach that transcends any of our feeble efforts. Jack Hayford, in his book, Manifest Presence, wrote his commentary in such a way it untangled a vagueness I felt when giving thought to this or whenever I heard the words that I should or I could be made … Continue reading Truth or Glare #3

Truth or Glare #2

Continuation of Truth or Glare.....So, what parts of the Bible should we take seriously? What does God say about our stay in this world and about our human condition? It is important to separate religion from our relationship with God in a sense some replace, delete or simply ignore much of His written word. God … Continue reading Truth or Glare #2

A Perspective on Eternity

Hmmmmmm!? What is your eternal perspective, meaning, does your lifestyle choices result in rewards or punishments in some life when you die? If your life was shortened by accident or infirmary, (and this can happen to anyone) are you currently at peace with what you believe happens afterwards? Most want to know what happens after … Continue reading A Perspective on Eternity

“In My Heart” Means What?

“Heart colored glasses” Much thought was given my decision the Bible is inerrant (see previous blog), but I certainly don’t believe in name and claim it, either. The way this works for me is complicated, but I’ll do my best to put it into words. When I intentionally put “remembering God” and His written words … Continue reading “In My Heart” Means What?